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Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd  
A modern Finnish insurance company 

Who are we?

Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd. is a modern Finnish non-life insurance company that provides customised insurance services for the brands POP Insurance and Savings Bank Insurance. The digital aspect of the company was key from its foundation in 2012. The company currently has more than 180,000 customers and more than 120 employees. Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd. is owned by the financially sound POP Bank Group. 

The POP Bank Group has a long tradition of more than a hundred years of business. The banking group consists of 19 independent cooperative banks, more than 70 branches and service points and about 700 employees. POP Banks are independent, regionally operating cooperative banks owned by their members. In addition to the organisations belonging to the POP Bank consortium, the POP Bank Group also includes POP Holding Oy and Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd., which is owned by the former in full. They are not subject to mutual liability. 

POP Insurance 

POP Insurance offers easy and affordable insurance for retail customers. In particular, POP Insurance is known for offering the highest motor liability insurance bonus in Finland and car insurance priced on the basis of kilometres driven, as well as home insurance priced according to household size. 

Savings Bank Insurance 

Savings Bank Insurance offers good and affordable insurance to consumer customers. In addition to the standard vehicle insurance, you can choose Mittari car insurance, which is priced based on kilometres driven, for cars and mobile homes. Savings Bank’s insurance policies also offer the highest motor liability insurance bonus in Finland. 

Why choose Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd.? 

Insurance companies have always been perceived as expensive and their products as difficult to understand. Finnish P&C Insurance was founded to debunk these myths that characterise the industry. At the heart of the operation is the transparency and clarity of our insurance products and services, as well as easy online purchasing.  

We live and breathe digital, which is why we are constantly investing in the development of our digital services. Digitalisation is not just about being online, it extends to telesales, customer service and claims. 

Postal address

Hevosenkenkä 3 
02600 Espoo 
(no service branch)

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